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Welcome to our Interactive Online Community! We are dedicated to bringing you the most trusted knowledge and guidance on your spiritual path. With topics ranging from self healing, the healing of others, to the hidden mysteries of the cosmos, we offer courses for every part of the journey! Whether you're here for a class on a specific topic, or our all inclusive Master Class, we are sure you will find the right course for you!

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Learn how to access and navigate the mystic realms so you are able to tap into your gifts and use them to benefit your life as well as others

Cosmic Knowledge

Learn the fundamentals of astrology, from chart analysis to the relationship between your physical body and the stars

The Tarot

In our Masterclass, learn the ancient secret symbolism hidden in every card, syncing it together with your intution for a deeper connection and understanding

Holistic Properties and Yoga

Embody the wisdom of ancient healing arts thru the magic of herbalism, yoga, reiki and more!

What Makes Us Different

Mystic Source School is an incredible resource for people looking to deepen their connection to Source, but most importantly themselves. Our Courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge of the sacred arts and awaken the forgotten knowledge within you. Through this process you will reclaim your power- as healer, helper, seer-- as a healthy human woven perfectly into the cosmos.

At The Mystic Source School, the future of ancient wisdom flows from a deep well, traveling through technology straight to you. Our intention is to transfer knowledge into wisdom for personal empowerment and planetary healing.

Take these teachings and make them your own so that you are creating your own of magic. When you individually awaken to your true potential, the world around you can’t help but do the same!

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Meet Your Instructors

Anjani has been practicing the healing arts professionally since 1998. After honorable discharge from the United States Navy, Anjani completed her bachelor’s degree, 1000 hours of bodywork training and moved to East Asia for 2 years where she studied and practiced the healing arts. Her work is a powerful synthesis of Ayurveda, Astrology, Shamanic Journeying, Yoga Philosophy, Psychosomatic Bodywork and practical alchemy. Her intention in doing this work is to enliven and activate The Healer archetype in humanity so that we all source ourselves directly from source.

instructor anjani siegrist

Instructor: Anjani Siegrist

Specialty: Astrology and Yoga

instructor Mztyc Raven

Instructor: Mztyk Raven

Specialty: Psychic and Tarot

Mztyk has been involved in the holistic health and metaphysical realms for over a decade and holds many certifications in nutrition and herbalism. She has always had a passion for helping people with their physical and spiritual health, and opened her own holistic store, Genesis, in 2014. Here is where she has been able to help people through many different types of healing modalities, focusing mostly on whole health, linking the body, mind, and spirit together for healing. Her biggest passion is to help people activate their own spirituality and intuition and become more in touch with the needs of their body and soul so they can live a healthy, fulfilled life!